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Indian furniture has a unique design and style that makes it a beautiful and attractive option for your home. A wardrobe cabinet is a work of craftsmanship and style that can personalize the essence of a room. Hand carved in teak
wood with gorgeous patinas, an Indian armoire can be an excellent addition to one's home that can represent one's personality in a unique and different way. Rustic warm woods with iron nails are an extension of ones bohemian spirit and define your interiors with an eclectic touch.

Hand crafted from reclaimed old wood our Cabinets are in various sizes and patinas. Antique Doors from palaces are used to make Cabinets keeping the original patina intact. Brass adornments add a classic touch to these Armoires. Practical yet made of solid wood Indian Cabinets will redefine your interiors and give it an old world charm.

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